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DHAVI is the brand made up of a series of natural cosmeceutical products developed by BIC Chemical Co. Ltd. Our innovative research work is original and has received international intellectual property certification. Our research was supported and overseen by the government and leading universities in Thailand. We produce cosmetics, beauty products, and food supplements that meet & exceed international standards.

The focus of what BIC Chemical Co., Ltd. under the brand DHAVI is to do, is to continually develop and produce “Effective skincare and cosmetics products derived from nature”. From upstream to downstream research is used to refine extracts and isolate key constituents. BIC Chemical is experienced and well equipped for

- Research
- Quality Control
- Extraction
- Assortment
- Production
- Distribution

Born as a quality product Forward to consumers until our cosmetic product line Consisting of

- Dhavi Red Jasmine Rice extract
- Dhavi Black Purple Rice extract
- Dhavi Kwao Krua extract
- Dhavi Sangyod Rice extract
- Dhavi Thai silk Fibrion extract

As BIC Chemical has long experience producing pharmaceutical products for almost 15 years, we are proud to work with the local farmers and help develop Thailand into a world leading producer of natural products including cosmetics. Dhavi’s cosmetic line is produced under the strictest standards of GMP COSMETIC, ISO 22716:2007 with a complete research facility and R&D team. We are committed to innovate and develop our products and services to the highest quality.

We therefore offer products with unique features Which selects quality raw materials And there is a product quality guarantee

Dhavi Facial Skin Care Red Jasmine Rice

Awaken beautiful skin, slow down skin aging. Reduce wrinkles And improves the smoothness of the skin With proanthocyanidin extract from red jasmine rice

Red jasmine rice

Protect your skin from aging of the skin.

Skin aging is the appearance of skin that has wrinkles. Wrinkles, dull skin, lack of moisture and roughness. Caused by internal factors: age, hormones and behavior. External factors: UV light, free radicals, inflammation and pollution.

Skin aging

From nature to research and innovation

From nature to research and innovation Natural extracts concentrated into research. Which has been granted a patent for the extraction process "Red Jasmine Rice Extract" consists of important substances, pro anthocyanidin group. Qualifying

  • Slow down the aging of the skin.
  • Reduce wrinkles And improves the smoothness of the skin
  • Reduce the breakdown of collagen

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Contract signing ceremony for the right to use ARDA research results.

BIC Chemical Co., Ltd. signs a research licensing agreement with the Office of Agricultural Research Development (Public Organization) or ARDA at the Cattleya Room, Rama Gardens Hotel, Laksi, Bangkok, with Dr. Suwi Chaikiatiyod, Director of ARDA and Mr. Taweelap Jamsai, Managing Director Is a co-signer of the said agreement in 1 project, which is the project "Commercial Product Development of Thai Dermatology of Flowers", in which BIC Chemical Co., Ltd. intends and intends to increase the production line for health and beauty food supplements With modern factories with international standards

Cosmex 2019

BIC Chemical Co., Ltd. launches the Cosmex 2019 exhibition on 5-7 Nov 2019 at Bitec Bangna, Hall EH100, Booth E23, which COSMEX 2019 is an exhibition for cosmetic production. The only job in ASEAN Is the center of creating business partners that cover all the important factors of packaging production and contracting to produce cosmetics To give an opportunity to more than 6,000 industrialists and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, both from leading manufacturers to meet the needs of small businesses To world-class brand manufacturers Or those interested in business step into various cosmetics To travel to visit the fair To keep up with the modernization of innovation and beauty trends. Find us. DHAVI Under BIC CHEMICAL, we are outstanding entrepreneurs. Cosmetics / herbs group year 2019 from the Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) at Cosmex, 5-7 November 62 Bitec, Bangna Hall EH100 ... Continue reading Cosmex 2019

Beyond Disruptive Technology

Mr Taweelarp Jamsai, managing director of BIC Chemical Co., Ltd., by dhavi (dhavi) natural cosmetic cosmeceutical products, received an award for outstanding entrepreneur award. Cosmetics / herbs group of the year 2019 and honored needles from the Office of Agricultural Research Development (Public Organization) (ARDA.) At the Annual Academic Conference 2019 under the concept of "the turning point for the future With agricultural research "" Beyond Disruptive Technology "at Centra Hotel Government Center and Convention Center, Chaeng Wattana, Bangkok. The company is very pleased to receive an award for outstanding entrepreneurs in this event. We will continue to improve product quality while helping Thai farmers to have stable incomes.

The Cosmetic and Beauty International Conference 2019

BIC Chemical Co., Ltd. supports and launches trade shows at the "The Cosmetic and Beauty International Conference 2019 (CBIC 2019)" under the heading "Sustainable Cosmetic and Beauty Innovations". Between 7-9 October 2019 at Mae Fah Luang University In the event there are academics Top scientists and experts from at home and abroad Who come to share knowledge and share experiences through various forms of presentations. The highlight of the event is a combination of scientific and technological knowledge in research and development of cosmetic and beauty innovations.

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