Returning / Changing products

In order to create maximum satisfaction for customers is our main policy. The handling of the products, including the delivery, has been examined and careful in every step. Once you have received the products, please check the product order. If found to have an error caused by the shop, the product has broken, damaged The product you received is incorrectly formatted as a list. Not all products are listed. You can return or exchange products. With the following steps

Please contact the store to return the products within 3 days after receiving the product. By submitting photos of the faulty or damaged parts via various channels specified below Once the shop has received the error check as stated, the product will be changed as required by the customer by delivering a replacement to the next delivery immediately by shipping Kerry and the store requests to return the product from the customer. Returned by the shop will be responsible for all shipping costs.

In returning or exchanging products Can contact the following channels
E-mail : [Email protected]
[Email protected] : @dhavi
Call center: 095-8753364