Ordering / Payment

1. Place an order Select the products you like, add quantity to cart And the system will bring to the cart page to display the ordered item If you want to choose more products, click to select more products. Check out when choosing products. Add all shopping cart as needed.
Click Pay to proceed with submitting your name, email address for delivery and payment receipt. And select payment Then click confirm the order. The system will send an Email the item that is purchased immediately to the customer.
2. The shop will contact you via email within 24 hours to request an order confirmation.
3. Transfer money after receiving an order confirmation via email.
4. Make payment by transferring via bank with the account number specified. Which the shop will wait for the money transfer for 3 days after confirming the order If overdue, the store cancels orders.
5. Customers can transfer money from the following channels by specifying name, order number, payment amount, bank name and time of money transfer or attach payment slip.
Website: https://www.dhavi.com/payment/
E-mail : [Email protected]
[Email protected] : @dhavi
6. The shop delivers the product after receiving the money transfer within 2-3 business days. Products shipped by Kerry's day of delivery. In the event that the holiday falls on a public holiday The shop will deliver the product the next day after the holiday.
7. After delivery The shop will send the tracking number via Email.
If the product has not been received within 5 business days of delivery, please contact
E-mail : [Email protected]
[Email protected] : @dhavi
Call center: 095-8753364

How to pay for goods transferred via 3 banks as follows.
Post only SCB / Kbank / BBL
Customers can notify money transfers from the following channels by specifying name, purchase order number, payment amount, bank name and time of money transfer or attaching payment slips.
Website: (link ....),
E-mail : [Email protected]
[Email protected] : @dhavi