Dhavi Sangyod Rice extract

Sangyod rice is classified as a rice group that is rich in vitamins. And many useful substances that are widely grown, especially Sangyod rice, are rich in flavonoids, especially Anthocyanin and Procyanidins, which have been found to help promote hair growth effectively.

The research team from Mae Fah Luang University has researched To develop the extraction process to obtain extract from Sangyod rice An exclusive There are published performance studies results. And has received many international awards From the hair loss prevention products from Thai Sangyod rice extract which are

  • Gold Medal Award from 2015 Kaohsiung International Invention & Design expo (KIDE 2015)
  • Special Prize from Eurobusiness-Haller, Poland
  • Special Prize from Euro Invent, Romania

It is also an important part of promoting farmers to have more income. From product promotion Agricultural within the country as well

Hair consists of 2 parts: hair and hair root, the hair part is the dead cell But the hair root is an important part that can affect the hair growth. Hair growth can be divided into 2 phases: growth phase, stop phase and rest period. It is the cycle of hair growth in each hair root. If the hair root is damaged or there is a factor to disturb the hair in the resting phase Will result in the hair not growing as it should be Which may be the result of hormones, chemicals, various irritants

Dhavi Sangyod rice hair loss control series, bald hair solution Which has the main ingredient from Sangyod rice extract that is properly licensed under the research in the control of the Agricultural Research Development Agency (SorKhor.) Sangyod rice extract will combine 2 mechanisms for maximum results in solving and Prevent baldness on the spot by

  1. Promote hair root growth Encouraging me to rest in the recovery phase again
  2. Inhibiting the effect of testosterone, which promotes hair loss

The results of the test in a sample of male subjects at risk of baldness using shampoo, conditioner and hair tonic continuously in the morning and evening every day. Found that starting to see differences from the first month And see the maximum results after continuous use for 3 months. Tested to be safe. No irritation found *

* Results of a study of 31 male volunteers with baldness. By using all 3 types of products 2 times a day in the morning and evening, it is found that the hair has increased due to the reduction of the scalp after 1 month and clearly see the difference at 3 months and reduce hair loss in Female subjects clearly after using 15 days