Red jasmine rice extract

"The Story of Red Jasmine Rice" RED JASMINE RICE

Red jasmine rice

Rice is the main cereal that Thai people have consumed as a staple food for a long time. From 2525, when the main rice variety, Jasmine 105 rice, was discovered in other red rice grains at the Surin Rice Experiment Station. Later, the species was chosen until year 2542, and therefore registered with the Department of Agriculture as the name of shallot rice, and with the origin of jasmine rice 105, some rice is called this type of rice. "Red Jasmine Rice"

From research and development of red rice seed extract Which was funded by the Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public organization)

Research has found that The extract of red rice grains is polar layer which has most components as the substance. proanthocyanidin The most effective in inhibiting the activity of enzymes in the function of collagen degradation and the effectiveness in stimulating the synthesis of Hyarulonic acid (HA), allowing us to apply it as a cosmetic medicine that helps. "Slow down wrinkles on the face."

Therefore, the extract of red rice from the "non-toxic" cultivation area is available to use extracts that contain high proanthocyanidins. It increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and can also reduce the function of collagenase, which is important because it is an enzyme responsible for collagen degradation.

Helps to reduce wrinkle, spot and skin roughness

Skin aging

Skin aging

Skin aging is the appearance of skin that has wrinkles. Wrinkles, dull skin, lack of moisture and roughness

Then why is it ???

Internal factors: age, hormones and behavior. External factors: UV light, free radicals, inflammation and pollution.

From nature to research and innovation

From nature to research and innovation Natural extracts concentrated into research. Which has been granted a patent for the extraction process The extract of red jasmine rice contains the important substances of pro anthocyanidins. Which has the ability to slow down the aging of the skin By reducing wrinkles and improving the smoothness of the skin

Davey - red jasmine rice extract products licensed in Thailand And guaranteed with 2 world class innovation awards 2018

  • Gold Medal Award from the 10th International Exhibition of Inventions & 3rd World Inventoin and Innovation Forum (Foshan), Chaina
  • Certificate of Excellence from Gifted Education (IRSCA) 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum (Foshan), China