Dhavi Black Purple Rice extract

The story of Khao Kam black rice

Khao Kam is a Lanna language. The central region is called black glutinous rice. In the past, farmers cultivated Khao Kam as a rice serpent. To prevent diseases and insects in other rice fields. But not planting florid rice as an economic crop When harvested, kept for ritual Is a medicine And cook food for the visitors only

Nowadays, it is very popular in the north and northeastern parts of Thailand.

From natural raw materials and research into good quality skin care products


Rich in nourishing substances from

  • Kam Khao extract Which has the property of helping your skin to be radiant Is an antioxidant that helps slow down aging And reduce dark spots
  • As well as all 5 important substances that increase skin nourishment power
    1. HYDROLYZED HYALURONIC ACID: Helps to slow down wrinkles and increase moisture.
    2. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE (Vitamin E): add moisture and is an antioxidant.
    3. KOJIC ACID: Helps to reduce dark circles and dark spots, as well as adjust the skin tone regularly.
    4. GLYCOLIC ACID: Natural AHA helps reduce wrinkles and adjust the color of the skin regularly.
    5. Shea Butter or BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER: rich in vitamin A and E as components. Leaves the skin soft and smooth. Lock moisture to the skin for a long time.
  • Combined with retention techniques (Encapsulation) in the form of Vesicle for better absorption into the skin as well as to increase the stability of important substances.
  • After cleansing the face Apply a serum to the face and neck. Daily, morning and before bedtime
  • Notification number 10-1-6200010939

Black Purple Rice Vertical Serum

Innovative products for the development of the storage of important substances in the form of droplets, creams, fats

During which the patent application is granted in Thailand and guaranteed by the innovation award on the world stage.

  1. Patents: The production process of concentrated fat cream drops that contain high doses of cosmeceutical extracts (request number: 1601001713)
  2. Gold Prize from Seoul International Fair 2017, South Korea

This product has been licensed for use in the research work license.